Best answer: How do I extend a spline in Solidworks?

How do you lengthen a part in SolidWorks?

To extend a surface:

  1. Click Extended Surface (Surfaces toolbar) or Insert > Surface > Extend.
  2. In the PropertyManager: Under Edges/Faces to Extend, select one or more edges or faces in the graphics area for Selected Face/Edges . For edges, the surface extends along the plane of the edge. …
  3. Click .

How do I stretch a line in SolidWorks?

Stretching Sketch Entities

  1. Click Base point. and then click on the sketch to set a base point.
  2. Drag to stretch the sketch entities. When you release, the entities stretch to that point and the PropertyManager closes.

How do you adjust a spline?

To edit a spline, on the Home ribbon, expand the Modify panel and choose the Edit Spline tool. The program prompts you to select a spline. Click to select the spline on the left, which was created using fit points.

How do you control a spline in SolidWorks?

To add curvature control:

  1. In the Edit Sketch mode, select a spline.
  2. Click Add Curvature Control. …
  3. Drag to position the handle. …
  4. Click to position the handle.
  5. Select the ball of the curvature control pointer and drag in either direction along the vector handle to adjust the radius of curvature. …
  6. Click .
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What is extend in Solidworks?

You can add to the length of a sketch entity (line, centerline, or arc). Use Extend Entities to extend a sketch entity to meet another sketch entity. To extend a sketch entity: In an open sketch, click Extend Entities.

How do you move faces in Solidworks?

Click Move Face (Mold Tools or Features toolbar) or Insert > Face > Move . You can also right-click a face and click Move Face, or select Move Face on the Direct Editing CommandManager tab.

How do you use the line tool in SolidWorks?

To sketch a line:

  1. Click Line. …
  2. In the Insert Line PropertyManager under Orientation, select one of the following: …
  3. Under Options, select: …
  4. Under Parameters, you can do the following, based on the Orientation: …
  5. Click in the graphics area and sketch the line. …
  6. Complete the line in one of the following ways:

What is line command SolidWorks?

The command line appears at the bottom of the screen when you open a document. To turn off the emulator, click Tools > Add-Ins , and clear the SolidWorks 2D Emulator check box. While in a SolidWorks document with the 2D Emulator active, you can display or hide the command line. Click View > 2D Command Emulator.

How do you switch between arc and line in SolidWorks?

To autotransition between line and arc:

  1. Click Line (Sketch toolbar) or click Tools, Sketch Entities, Line and sketch a line.
  2. Click the endpoint of the line, then move the pointer away. …
  3. Move the pointer back to the endpoint, then away again. …
  4. Click to place the arc.
  5. Move the pointer away from the arc endpoint.
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Can you scale a part in Solidworks?

You can scale a part or surface model about its centroid, the model origin, or a coordinate system. In a part document, click Scale (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Scale . …

How do you scale an entity in Solidworks?

Scaling Sketch Entities

  1. In Edit Sketch mode click Scale Entities. (Sketch toolbar) or Tools > Sketch Tools > Scale.
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Entities to Scale, select sketch entities for Sketch item or annotations.
  3. Under Parameters: Click Base Point (Scale Point Defined) to set a Base point. …
  4. Click .

How do I scale an assembly in Solidworks?

To save a SOLIDWORKS assembly as a part:

  1. Open the newly saved multi-body part.
  2. Access the Scale feature (Insert > Features > Scale).
  3. Select all of the solid bodies in the part to be scaled – note you may need to access the Feature Manager and expand the Solid Bodies folder to select the bodies.