Frequent question: How do I convert an Inventor file to Fusion 360?

Can you convert Inventor files to Fusion 360?

Fusion 360 opens Inventor natively, without the need for translation or export. … If the model changes in either application you’ll need to re-import/re-export. Features do not translate, however, you can tweak the models once opened in the other application.

Can fusion import Inventor files?

A Fusion Team account is required to share Inventor part files with Fusion 360. You are asked to choose a Team and project when you send a file to Fusion 360. The Fusion Team project location is where the Inventor part files are stored.

What is the difference between Fusion 360 and inventor?

Inventor is a multi-file extension software application whereas Fusion 360 does not use file extensions, instead it creates a “cloud cocoon” in which you design and model, which can then be shared with other team members for collaboration.

How do I open an Inventor file?

Open in Inventor View

  1. Click File Open.
  2. In the dialog box, select the appropriate file type.
  3. Browse to the folder that contains the Inventor file.
  4. Select the part from the list.
  5. To open the file, double-click the Inventor file name in the list, or click Open.

What file format does Fusion 360 use?

f3d files (or “External Components” in Fusion 360 terms). An Autodesk Fusion 360 assembly file (. f3z) is made up of two or more Fusion 360 design files (. f3d).

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