Frequent question: How do I create a design table in Catia v5?

What is design table in Catia V5?

In CATIA V5 you use design tables to create multiple variations of a part or assembly. … Design tables are created using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or as a text file. Each row represents an instance, and columns represent varied parameters.

How do I create a catalog in Catia V5?

Steps in CATIA

  1. From the CATIA Start menu, select Infrastructure > Catalog Editor to open the Catalog Editor workbench .
  2. Create a catalog from scratch using one of both methods available: Using the Catalog Editor interactive commands: Activate the chapter under which you want to create a chapter or a subchapter.

How do I create a formula in Catia V5?

In the Knowledge toolbar, select the Formula icon. In the New Parameter of type pull-down list, select Curve, then click the New Parameter of type button. Ensure that the created parameter Curve. 1 is highlighted in the list of parameters and click the Add Formula button.

How do I edit a table in Catia?

Create a new sheet and a new view.

  1. Click Table in the Annotations toolbar.
  2. Click a point in the drawing to specify the table position. Tables cannot be associative. …
  3. In the Table Editor dialog box that appears, enter the number of columns and rows you want for the table. …
  4. Click OK to validate the table creation.
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How do I create a design table in Catia v5 PDF?

The design table creation process includes the following steps:

  1. Create a table from the document parameters.
  2. Select the parameters to add to the design table.
  3. Specify a file to contain the generated design table.
  4. Edit the generated CATIA design table.
  5. Apply the design table to your document.

How do I open design tables in Catia?

To edit the table click “Edit Table” in the bottom left hand corner of the dialog box; the design table will open as an Excel spreadsheet.

How do I access Catia Library?

Open the Catalog browser dialog box by clicking the Catalog Browser icon from the Tools toolbar or by selecting the Tools -> Open Catalog… command (note that some workbenches use the Tools -> Catalog Browser command). Click the Browse another catalog icon .

How do I create a parameter in CATIA?

In the New Parameter of type pull-down lists, select Length and Multiple Values, then click the New Parameter of type button. In the Value list dialog box, enter the standard thickness values, and click OK to return to the Formulas dialog box. Rename the created parameter from Length.

What is CATIA knowledgeware?

Knowledgeware is a group of techniques that you can use to control parameters based on your knowledge of the model and its intended application. Incorporating Knowledgeware into model and analysis parameters allows other users to work with the model more effectively.