How do I add a section marker in Revit?

How do you show a section line in a plan in Revit?


  1. If the section line is invisible, change the floor plan scale factor back to a value that enable you to see the section line.
  2. Select the section line.
  3. In the properties, locate the parameter “hide at scales coarser than”.

How do you annotate in Revit?

Create an Annotation Symbol Family

  1. Click File tab New (Annotation Symbol).
  2. In the New Annotation Symbol dialog, select the Annotation Symbol template for the project, and click Open. …
  3. Click Create tab Properties panel (Family Category and Parameters).

Why can’t I see sections in Revit?

Solution: Check the section marker to see if the “Hide at scales coarser than” section is set higher than the current view. If the section line is invisible, change the floor plan scale factor to a value that enables you to see the section line. Select the section line.

How do you show section lines?

Rules of Sectioning

Rule 2: The section lines in all areas should be parallel. Section lines shown in opposite directions indicate a different part. Rule 3: All the visible edges behind the cutting plane should be shown.

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How do you name sections in architecture?

Architectural Floor Plan Symbols

  1. Building Section. Top Line = Drawing Number. …
  2. Wall Section. Top Line = Drawing Number. …
  3. Detail Section. Top Line = Drawing Number. …
  4. Exterior or Building Elevation. Top Line = Drawing Number. …
  5. Plan Detail Call Out. Top Line = Drawing Number. …
  6. Column Grid Call Out. …
  7. Revision Cloud. …
  8. Wall or Partition Tag.

How do I change a section label in Revit?

Click View tab Create panel (Section). Click Modify | Section tab Properties panel (Type Properties). Click in the value box for the Section Tag parameter, and select a tag from the list. Click OK to save your changes.

How do I add text to a section head in Revit?

Create a Section Head Family

  1. Click File tab New Annotation Symbol.
  2. In the Open dialog, select Section Head. …
  3. The section head template includes a predefined head. …
  4. If desired, add text to the symbol by clicking Text panel (Text).

How do you add a scheduled wall in Revit?

To create a Wall Schedule:

  1. On the View tab, in the Create panel, click the small arrow below Schedules and choose Schedule/Quantities.
  2. In the Category list, Choose Walls. …
  3. In the Available Fields list, look for the useful fields (i.e. Family and Type, Length etc.). …
  4. Click OK.

How do you draw details in Revit?

From the Type Selector, select Detail View: Detail. On the Options Bar, select an appropriate detail scale. To reference another detail or drafting view, on the Reference panel, select Reference Other View, and select a view from the drop-down list.

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