How do I rename an assembly in Solidworks?

How do you rename a component in an assembly?

Renaming Components

  1. In an assembly document, select a component and select Component Properties (context toolbar).
  2. In the dialog box, for Component Name, enter a name.
  3. Click OK. In the FeatureManager design tree, the component displays the name. The component’s file name remains unchanged.

How do I change the name of a file in SolidWorks?

In an assembly, in the FeatureManager design tree, do one of the following for the component whose file name you want to change:

  1. Click-pause-click the component.
  2. Right-click the component and click Rename Assembly or Rename Part.
  3. Select the component and press F2.

How do you rename a part in SolidWorks without breaking references?

Locate the assembly and parts of your project in your local directory. Right click on a part of a SolidWorks part file and open the SolidWork context menu. Select rename or move from the SolidWorks context menu. Move the file or rename the file in the prompt which appears after selecting the option you want.

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How do I rename a part in SolidWorks 2016?

Right-click the component and select Rename Part. (Note: You can do the same thing to the top level assembly as well. The menu choice will be Rename Assembly instead of Rename Part.) Click on the component name in the FeatureManager Design Tree and then press the F2 key on your keyboard.

How do I change the name of an assembly in Solidworks?

How to Rename Files

  1. Right-click on the file in the FeatureManager tree and select Rename Assembly for an Assembly or Rename Part for a Part.
  2. Select the file from the tree and hit F2 on your keyboard and the name will become editable.

How do I change a part reference in Solidworks assembly?

To edit the locations and names of referenced files:

  1. Click Open or File > Open.
  2. In the Open dialog box, click References. The Edit Referenced File Locations dialog box appears.
  3. Edit the path or filename using one of the following methods: …
  4. Click OK to make the changes and exit the dialog.

How do I rename a file without messing up links?

Renaming a File

  1. From the files list, find the file to be renamed. Click the file’s gear menu and choose Rename.
  2. The New Title field can be used to rename the file and the New File Name can be used to update the file’s URL.
  3. Click Save to complete the rename. All links to the file will be updated.

What does Solidworks PDM do?

SOLIDWORKS® Product Data Management (PDM) products manage and synchronize your design data across your entire enterprise with a single, easily deployable solution tightly integrated with all SOLIDWORKS applications.

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How do I change the PDM name in Solidworks?

With PDM if all the files you wish to Rename are checked in, single-click the file that needs to be changed and press the “F2” command key on your keyboard and change the name.

How do I rename a part in Solidworks 2017?

Right-click the component and select Rename Assembly or Rename Part. Select the component and press F2.

What is one advantage of top down assembly modeling?

The advantage of top-down design is that much less rework is needed when design changes occur. The parts know how to update themselves based on the way you created them. You can use top-down design techniques on certain features of a part, complete parts, or entire assemblies.

How do you assign a number to a part in Solidworks?

To manage part number settings: Drag a part from the Design Library into the assembly.

To change the part number or description of the saved settings:

  1. Under Part Numbers, select the part number saved settings.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. In the Part Number dialog box, change Part number, Description, or both.
  4. Click OK.