How do you add topography in Revit?

How do you make a topo surface in Revit?

Create a toposurface by placing points in the drawing area. Automatically generate a toposurface based on 3D contour data imported from DWG, DXF, or DGN files. Export a points file from a civil engineering application, and import it to create a toposurface in the Revit model.

How do you show topo lines in Revit?

Use the Site Settings dialog to view or change site settings. To change site settings properties, click Massing & Site tab Model Site panel . Displays contour lines. If you clear the check box, custom contour lines still display in the drawing area.

How do you add a ground in Revit?

Rendering the Ground Plane in Revit

  1. Switch to the site view.
  2. In the Ribbon on the Massing & Site tab, click Toposurface.
  3. Select the Place Point tool.
  4. In the Options Bar, enter the Elevation for the new point.
  5. Click in the model to place the points that will define your surface.

How do you edit topography in Revit?

Simplify a Toposurface

  1. Click Modify | Topography tab Surface panel (Edit Surface).
  2. Click Edit Surface tab Tools panel (Simplify Surface).
  3. Open the site plan view and select the toposurface.
  4. Enter a value for surface accuracy, and click OK.
  5. Click (Finish Surface).

How do I add topography from DWG to Revit?

Create a 3D Toposurface from the inserted DWG file:

  1. Click the Toposurface tool on the Site tab of the Design bar.
  2. On the Design bar, click Use Imported > Import Instance.
  3. Select the DWG file.
  4. Select the layers to add points from.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Finish Surface.
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