How do you tag equipment in Revit?

How do you tag mechanical equipment in Revit?

Click Systems tab Mechanical panel Mechanical Equipment, and in the Type Selector, select a particular equipment type. On the ribbon, verify that Tag on Placement is selected to automatically tag equipment.

How do you tag electrical equipment in Revit?

Tag Electrical Components

  1. Click Annotate tab Tag panel Tag By Category.
  2. On the Options Bar, select the options that you want to apply to the tag: Orientation ( ) lets you specify Horizontal or Vertical orientation of the tag. …
  3. Click on the electrical component being tagged in the view. The tag appears in the view.

How do you tag a pipe in Revit?

Tagging the Pipe

  1. Go to the view where you desire to see the text on the pipes.
  2. Go to the Annotate tab on the Tag panel select Tag by Category.
  3. In the Options Bar, pick on the Tags… button.

How do I create a wire tag in Revit?

Add Wiring Tags

  1. Click Annotate tab Tag panel Tag By Category, and on the Options Bar, specify tag options.
  2. Select a wiring run. If prompted that you do not have a family loaded, you must first load the Wire Tag. rfa file family into the project.
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What labels are required on electrical panels?

Equipment labeling may include voltage, source-panel name, and source-panel location (if elsewhere in the facility). Mechanical equipment labeling also should include type and location of control. Transfer switch labels should identify both sources of power (see Figure 3).

How do I create a label in Revit?

Create Annotation Labels

  1. Click File tab New Annotation Symbol or Title Block.
  2. In the displayed dialog, select the appropriate template for the family you are creating.
  3. In the Family Editor, click Create tab Text panel (Label).
  4. In the Type Selector, select the label type.

How do you tag height in Revit?

Click on the label and click on the small rectangle next to the visible parameter. Type in “Ceiling Height Visibility”. Once you go to the Family Types, you have the option to activate the Ceiling Height value for each tag type. Your family is now complete.

How do you annotate pipes in Revit?

Go to the view where you desire to see the text on the pipes. Go to the Annotate tab on the ribbon and select the “Tag by Category” command on the Tag panel. In the Options Bar, pick on the Tags… button.

How do I add system abbreviations in Revit?

You can edit the materials, calculations, abbreviation, and rise/drop symbols for a system.

  1. Right-click a system type, and click Type Properties.
  2. In the Type Properties dialog, do one or more of the following: For Material, click Browse. In the Material Browser, select a material and click OK.

What is the bottom of a pipe called?

In civil engineering, the invert level is the base interior level of a pipe, trench or tunnel; it can be considered the “floor” level. The invert is an important datum for determining the functioning or flowline of a piping system.

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