Quick Answer: How do you create a curved extrusion in Revit?

How do you curve an extrusion in Revit?

Extrude a profile curve along a path curve

  1. Create the curves you will use for the profile and path.
  2. Choose Surfaces > Swept Surfaces > Extrude from the tool palette.
  3. Pick the curve or curves you want to extrude. …
  4. Click Go.
  5. Pick the path curve to extrude along.

How do you make curves in Revit?

Sketch a smooth curve that passes through or near specified points.

  1. Select a tool that allows for a spline. …
  2. Click Place Lines tab (or respective Place tab or Create tab) Draw panel (Spline), and place the cursor in the drawing area.
  3. Click to specify the start point for the spline.

How do you make a curved edge in Revit?

On the Properties palette, click the Curved Edge Condition button located under Structural Floor Shape Edit. This opens the Curved Edge Condition Dialog. Select either Conform to curve for a scalloped surface, or Project to side for a flat surface. Click OK to apply the condition.

How do I make my shape follow a curve in Maya?

Select the object you want to animate on the path, and then Shift-select the curve.

In the Attach to Motion Path Options window, do the following:

  1. Select the Time range for the animation as Time Slider (recommended), or select Start/End and specify times within the Time Slider range.
  2. Turn Follow on.
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How do I create a custom shape in Revit?

Create solid geometry with the Create Form tool.

  1. On the Create tab Draw panel, select one of the drawing tools.
  2. Click in the drawing area, and draw a closed loop.
  3. Select the closed loop.
  4. Click Modify | Lines tab Form panel (Create Form).

What is loft in rhino?

The Loft command fits a surface through selected profile curves that define the surface shape. Select the curves in the order in which the surface should pass through them. … Continue to adjust the seam points until they line with each other and the closed curves all have the same direction, and then press Enter.

How do I extrude my face?

Extrude a polygon face, edge, or vertex

  1. Activate the Move, Rotate, or Scale Tool and Shift + drag the manipulator (also known as smart extruding).
  2. Select Edit Mesh > Extrude.
  3. Click in the Modeling Toolkit.
  4. Press Ctrl + E.