Quick Answer: How do you place components in EasyEDA?

Frame select the components area by mouse in the schematic, and then click the “Cross Probe And Place”, hotkey “CTRL + SHIFT + X”. The editor will switch to the PCB, and choose the footprints as you selected for waiting for placing.

How do I add 3D components to EasyEDA?

Import 3D File

  1. Draw or download 3D model. Note: currently only 3D models in “WRL(VRML)” and “obj” are supported. …
  2. Create a new 3D library. in “Top Meun – New – PCB 3D Lib”. …
  3. Import 3D model. You can check which 3D model you want to import.
  4. Specify the 3D model.

How do I add a library to EasyEDA?

Opening ECAD Models in EasyEDA

  1. Select Open->Eagle… from the Folder icon.
  2. Click the “Select file(s)…” button and select the EAGLE Library File from the Downloads folder i.e. the *. …
  3. Check both boxes next to the symbol and footprint icons, and then click the “Add to My Library” button.
  4. Click OK after successful import.

How do you create a board outline in EasyEDA?

And EasyEDA provides a Board outline wizard, so it is very easy to create a board outline. Via: Top Menu > Tools > Set Board Outline, Or find it on the toolbar. In this dialog, there’s a choice of 3 types of board outlines, Rectangular , Circular, Round Rect.

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How do I change my footprint in EasyEDA?

Via Library > Footprint > Search Component/Personal/LCSC/System > Select footprint > Edit

  1. You can edit the pad size, shape outlines, etc. when you finish and save, it will be saved to your personal libraries “Created” and become your personal libraries. ​ …
  2. Modify the saved Footprint tag at “Library” part list.

How do you add a footprint symbol in EasyEDA?

Create The Footprint

  1. File > New > Footprint.
  2. Notice:
  3. Others.
  4. Number: Remembering the pin numbers you set in the schematic symbol in your Schematic symbol: to connect those schematic symbol pins to the pads in your PCB footprint, the pad numbers you set here in the Footprint footprint must be the same.

How do I create a symbol in EasyEDA?

Start a new Schematic Lib as shown below or by doing:

  1. File > New > Symbol. This opens the New SchematicLib symbol editor.
  2. Create the symbol. Get the Datasheet. …
  3. Edit the pin map. Via Edit > Pin Map…, change Pin names and Pin numbers. …
  4. Modify the Detail. …
  5. Set Costom Attributes. …
  6. Set the Origin. …
  7. Save your SchameticLib.

How do I import libraries into Eagle?

Follow these steps to import into Eagle:

  1. Open Eagle and go to the Control Panel.
  2. Expand Libraries and you’ll see the lbr folder.
  3. Locate the part you’ve downloaded from SnapEDA and drag it to the lbr folder in Eagle’s control panel.
  4. You’ll now see the new part displayed under the lbr folder, right click and select use.

How do I change the shape of PCB in EasyEDA?

Step 2: Import the . dxf Into EasyEDA to Create the Custom Shape

  1. Create a new project in your workspace. File save the schematic.
  2. Right click on the project name, and “New PCB” OK the defaults (100x100mm) …
  3. Import the board outline. …
  4. Import the silk screen image. …
  5. Check the results by previewing the 3D preview.
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How do you use the copper area in EasyEDA?

Hotkey E to start draw copper area. Hotkey Shift+B to build all of the copper areas. Hotkey Shift+M to hide copper areas fill zone, just show the copper outline.

What is PCB board outline?

Yes the board outline is used for the cut size of the board. If it is an unusual shape they will enclose it in a rectangle for board area costings. Provided you have not changed the board outline from when the PCB design was created then it will be the same.