What does fixed geometry do in Solidworks?

What does fixed geometry mean?

In geometry, a fixed point is basically just a point that does not move or change position.

What is a fixed hinge in Solidworks simulation?

Fixed Hinge. Restrains the selected circular edge so that it can rotate about its own axis only. Roller/Slider. Restrains the selected edge from moving along the in-plane normal direction to the edge.

What is the purpose of meshing in Solidworks?

Meshing is a very crucial step in design analysis. The automatic mesher in the software generates a mesh based on a global element size, tolerance, and local mesh control specifications. Mesh control lets you specify different sizes of elements for components, faces, edges, and vertices.

Is solidworks good for FEA?

What is Simulation? … Utilizing NAFEMS validated FEA solvers, SOLIDWORKS Simulation can provide accurate, reliable results for a wide range of study types from basic linear static analysis to more complex nonlinear and dynamic analysis.

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What is wastegate actuator?

The wastegate actuator is a spring/diaphragm combination that is the mechanical control of the wastegate. … The actuator works in combination with our electronics (EBC) to control boost. The spring portion of the actuator holds the wastegate door shut, until a certain pressure.

How does a vacuum wastegate work?

When full vacuum is applied to the wastegate actuator, it closes the valve in the turbine housing and no exhaust gases bypass the turbine wheel. When no vacuum is supplied, exhaust gases are allowed to bypass the turbine wheel and exit directly into the downpipe.

What is the difference between immovable and fixed?

Immovable: Finite rotations at the immovable edges (slope of the deflected shape is not zero). Fixed: No rotations at the fixed edges (slope of the deflected shape is zero).

Is there a difference between the fixed and immovable boundary conditions in SolidWorks simulation?

Question: D044: Is there a difference between the fixed and immovable boundary conditions in SolidWorks Simulation? No Picture for this Question O There is no difference for Shells and Beams but it is different for Solids O Yes.

What is the hinge fixture used for on a cylindrical face?

What is the Hinge Fixture used for on a cylindrical face? Limiting the cylindrical face to rotate about its own axis. You just studied 26 terms!

Can mesh be too fine FEA?

Getting incorrect results from using too fine of a mesh seems counter-intuitive. However, it is a result of the basic idealized mathematical equations used by FEA, and how they are solved. … However, when analyzed with a linear-elastic simulation, the stresses will continue to increase as the mesh is refined.

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What type of mesh does solidworks use?

And in SOLIDWORKS Simulation, we have three fundamental element types: triangles- triangular shell mesh, the thin parts; beam mesh, so two node line element or things with a constant cross-section, Wildman’s, those sort of things; and for everything else, solid, the tetrahedral mesh.

What is the difference between standard mesh and curvature based mesh?

During the Standard meshing process, faces are meshed first. … With a Curvature based mesh, the element size is determined mathematically by the minimum number of elements that fit in a hypothetical circle, while taking into account the user specified minimum and maximum element size.

Is Ansys better than SOLIDWORKS Simulation?

For FEA analysis, Ansys is much better than SolidWorks. … Solidwork primarily models 3D CAD geometries while ANSYS performs simulations.

Is SOLIDWORKS Simulation accurate?

Developers of finite element analysis (FEA) software often tout the accuracy of their results as being superior to those of their competitors. SOLIDWORKS Simulation results generally fall within 1 percent of industry benchmarks. …

Can solidworks do CFD?

SOLIDWORKS® Flow Simulation is an intuitive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solution embedded within SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD that enables you to quickly and easily simulate liquid and gas flows through and around your designs to calculate product performance and capabilities.