What is WM on floor plan?

What does WM mean on a floor plan?

House plan abbreviations

W(number) Window – Basix window number
WB Weatherboard
WC Water closet
WM Washing machine

What are the various symbols in a floor plan?

Here are the six most common types of symbols you will find on floor plans (versus other types of plans).

  1. Compass. The north arrow tells you about the orientation of the property. …
  2. Stairs. Stairs are customarily indicated by parallel lines with their measurements. …
  3. Doors. …
  4. Windows. …
  5. Walls. …
  6. Appliances.

What does W stand for in structures?

Structural Abbreviations

SECT Section
VIF Vertical Inside Face or Verify in Field
VOF Vertical Outside Face
WWF Welded Wire Fabric
W/ With

What does BW mean in floor plan?

BW – Block Wall / Brick Wall.

How do you read floor plan scales?

The scale for floor plans can be shown in two different ways:

  1. As equivalent measurements, eg 1/8″ = 1′ or 1cm = 1m, “an eighth of an inch represents 1 foot” or “1cm represents 1m”
  2. As a ratio eg 1:96 or 1:100, “one to forty eight” or “one to one hundred”
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What does S o mean in real estate?

FMV – fair market value. Fp – fireplace. FSBO – for sale by owner. Gar – garage.

What is CB in floor plan?

CB, if you are reading a Sanitary Layout, may mean catch basin. In construction documentation- it may mean Construction Bond.

Why are symbols used on the floor plan?

These symbols are used to represent key elements like windows, doors, and structural walls, as well as building materials, furniture, and appliances. Done right, floor plans quickly communicate the basic layout of the property, how it’s oriented, and how the different rooms and structural elements work together.

Why are symbols used on drawings and plans?

Symbols are used on electrical drawings to simplify the drafting work for both the drafters and the workers interpreting the drawings. It should be noted that electrical symbols are not standardized throughout the industry, which is one reason why electrical drawings typically have a symbol legend or list.

What does W mean on floor plan UK?

VP — Vent pipe. WIC — Walk-in closet. W — Window or washer. WD — Window.

What are WAPS in construction?

WEC – Work of Engineering Construction. WEL – Workplace Exposure Limits (See COSHH)

What is WC short for?

water closet … it is now possible to take your gadgets into that most holy of places: the toilet. The WC. The lavatory.—

What is BW in building?

Building Works(BW)

What is BW Architect?

ABOUT US. An architecture, design and fabrication studio that executes environments and experiences across the globe. … The studio maintains an active workshop for prototyping, model making and fabrication of key design elements for many of the projects it undertakes.

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What is PPC in floor plan?

Homes by Pulte now include the Pulte Planning Center. It is conveniently located just off the kitchen and is a dedicated space to pay bills, do homework, and organize the family’s busy schedule.