Where can I find Revit exe?

Go to the Revit installation directory (by default this would be C:Program FilesAutodeskRevit ####, but can be modified as part of the Revit installation). Right click on the RevitWorker.exe file and select Properties.

Where is Revit library on PC?

Revit content (templates and families) associated with the annual release are installed by default with the program (to the C:ProgramDataAutodeskRVT path) , for versions 2020 and prior . However there are some cases where it is necessary to manually download the content.

Where are my local files Revit?

When working on Collaboration for Revit files, local copies are saved at the following file path: C:Users%USERNAME%AppDataLocalAutodeskRevitCollaborationCache.

How do I stop Revit EXE from running?

In the Windows Task Manager, on the Processes tab, click Show processes from all users, and end any Revit Server w3wp.exe (IIS worker) processes that are running.

How do I find my library in Revit?

Click Start > Control Panel > Folder Options > View tab, and then “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”.

How do I access library in Revit?

Click Start > Control Panel > Folder Options > View tab. If the option is not selected, then select it and go back to the C:/ProgramData folder to see if the folder contains the files.

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How do I install Revit on Windows 10?

Installing Revit 2021.1

  1. Click Install (from the Autodesk desktop app) or Install Now (from Autodesk Account). …
  2. If you downloaded the installer, launch the EXE or EXE file associated with your product and version, for example, setup.exe.
  3. If your product was delivered on media, find the EXE file and launch it from there.

How do I download Revit for Windows?

How to download products

  1. Choose a download method (Install Now, Download Now, or Browser Download). …
  2. If prompted, choose product details, such as language, version, and operating system. …
  3. Choose any supplemental product components.
  4. If you chose Install Now or Download Now, respond to the prompts:

How do I recover a Revit file manually?

Recover a Workshared File

  1. Start Revit.
  2. Click Collaborate tab Synchronize panel (Restore Backup).
  3. In the Browse for Folder dialog, navigate to the copy of the backup folder for the central model (created in step 2), and click Open.

What is the Revit PacCache folder?

The PacCache is where all the delta file transfer information is cached for all the C4R models that you have worked on. The PacCache isn’t split into individual projects, or even individual versions of Revit. Everything is lumped in the same folder.

Where are BIM 360 local files?

BIM 360 Design local files: C:Users%username%AppDataLocalAutodeskRevitAutodesk Revit 2019CollaborationCache. This is where the “Local” file is saved for a BIM 360 Design project.

How do I get rid of Autodesk ads?


  1. Press CTRL-SHIFT-ESC to open the Task Manager (or right-click the taskbar and choose Task Manager).
  2. Click the Startup tab.
  3. Right-click Autodesk Desktop App and choose “Disable.”
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Can I uninstall Autodesk desktop app?

If you uninstall the Autodesk desktop app, none of the other Autodesk products on your computer is removed; they continue to work as they were. However, updates will not be delivered to those products. You will need to download updates and products from Autodesk Account (http://www.autodesk.com/account).

Can I remove Autodesk genuine service?

You can now uninstall the Autodesk Genuine Service. Open the Windows Start menu, type Uninstall in the search box, and select the Add or remove programs entry that appears at the top of the list. … Click Uninstall, then follow the prompts to uninstall the Autodesk Genuine Service.