Best answer: How do you delete all balloons in Solidworks?

To remove balloons from the stack: Select a balloon in the stack and press Delete.

How do you turn off auto balloon in Solidworks?

In the Auto Balloon PropertyManager, in Edit Balloons:

  1. Select Replace balloons to delete all balloons that have Item Number as their balloon text and insert the balloons as specified by the Auto Balloon PropertyManager.
  2. Select Resequence existing balloons to modify the ordering of the existing balloons.

How do you change balloons in Solidworks?

To change the balloon properties: Select the balloon and edit the properties in the Balloon PropertyManager. Right-click the balloon and select Properties. Make changes in the Note PropertyManager and click OK.

How do you delete annotations in Solidworks?

Select the annotation. Click the arrowhead handle. Press Delete.

How do you renumber balloons in Solidworks?

To number balloons sequentially, first insert the bill of materials.

  1. In the drawing view, click one of the following: Auto Balloon (Annotation toolbar) or Insert > Annotations > Auto Balloon. …
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Item Numbers, select Order sequentially .
  3. Click .
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Where is the balloon property manager in Solidworks?

To display the Balloon PropertyManager, do one of the following: Click Balloon (Annotation toolbar), or click Insert > Annotations > Balloon. Select an existing balloon. Right-click a balloon and select Properties.

How do you make a bubble in Solidworks?

Inserting Balloons

  1. Click Balloon (Annotation toolbar), or click Insert > Annotations > Balloon. …
  2. Edit the properties in the PropertyManager as needed, then click a component in a drawing view of an assembly, or click a component in an assembly model, to place the leader, then click again to place the balloon.

How do I change the item number in Solidworks?

To assign a new item number to the replaced component and keep it in the same row, in the Bill of Materials PropertyManager, select Keep Missing Item and Assign new item number and do not keep replaced component.

How do I delete a smart dimension in Solidworks?

To remove a dimension from a drawing: Select a dimension and press Delete. Be careful not to delete any dimension that has a reference, such as one used in a note. Search ‘Deleting Dimensions’ in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

How do you remove dangling dimension in Solidworks?


  1. Open the master drawing in SOLIDWORKS. …
  2. From the SOLIDWORKS Menu select Tools>Options.
  3. Select the Document Properties tab.
  4. Select Detailing from the categories on the left.
  5. Locate the Hide dangling dimensions and annotations option and check the box next to it.

How do you delete text in Solidworks drawing?

To delete: Click the line or text and press the Delete key. To move: Click the line or text and drag to a new location.

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How do you change the color of a balloon in Solidworks?

Using either the Line Format toolbar or the Layer toolbar, click Layer Properties.

  1. In the dialog box that appears, create a new layer and set the color of the layer to red. …
  2. Right-mouse click on the component you want to display in the red color and select “Change Layer” from the pop-up menu.

What is solidworks inspection?

The SOLIDWORKS® Inspection add-in automates the ballooning of engineering drawings and 3D files with Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI). Minimizing the time needed to record inspection measurements, SOLIDWORKS Inspection streamlines the creation of industry-standard inspection reports.

Does Solidworks include inspection?

What is SOLIDWORKS Inspection? SOLIDWORKS Inspection is a First Article Inspection (FAI) and in-process inspection software that streamlines and automates the creation of ballooned inspection drawings and inspection reports (AS9102, PPAP, etc.).