How do I clear SketchUp history?

Is there a history in SketchUp?

Revision History

Every time you save a model — and every time SketchUp for Web auto-saves — a new version of your model called a revision, is sent to Trimble Connect. … To access revision history for a model, navigate to that model in either the Home tab (if it’s a recently accessed file) or in Trimble Connect.

How do I delete old SketchUp Files?

For SketchUp 2019 the folder will simply be “SketchUp 2019”.

Delete the plist file:

  1. In the left pane of the Finder window, click your user name.
  2. In the right pane, click Library*, and then Preferences. …
  3. In the Preferences folder, drag any of the following files, if present, to the trash: …
  4. Empty the trash.

How do I undo SketchUp times?

To Undo, select Edit > Undo Whatever You Just Did from the menu bar, as shown in the figure. The official keyboard shortcut for Undo is Alt+Backspace. However, Ctrl+Z (Microsoft Windows) or Command+Z (macOS), which is the Undo keyboard shortcut in many programs, also works.

Where does SketchUp web save Files?

skp files stored on your device’s local storage and supported cloud storage services from within the SketchUp Viewer app. On the Home Screen, tap the Cloud icon ( ) and select Files on Device to browse the device’s Storage Access Framework.

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What happened to my SketchUp files?

It’s up to you! When using the SketchUp Pro desktop modeler, files are saved locally to your machine until you choose to sync your projects to the cloud with Trimble Connect. … Either way, you can use the Connect Sync Client to keep all your models synchronized both locally and in the cloud.

What is Collada file in SketchUp?

COLLADA is an XML-based schema that enables you to transfer data among 3D digital content creation tools, such as SketchUp, Maya, 3ds Max, and Rhino. COLLADA files use the . dae file extension, which stands for digital asset exchange. In SketchUp, you can import and export COLLADA files pretty easily.

Where can you purge your model of unneeded data?

Periodically, you need to purge unused components from your file. Doing so will reduce your file size and stop some of those SketchUp bug splats. To purge unused, go to the Window Tab > Model Info > Statistics > Purge Unused.

How do I undo push pull in SketchUp?

there’s a plugin called ctrl+z pre-installed in sketchup.

How do I open SketchUp files without SketchUp?

With SketchUp Desktop Viewer, anyone can view and print models created in SketchUp. SketchUp Desktop Viewer is a free download that’s great for viewing models on computers that don’t have or need a full version of SketchUp.

How do I export from SketchUp to Google Drive?

Saving a model

  1. After you begin creating your new model, click Untitled or Save in the upper left. …
  2. On the Google Drive panel that appears, type a name for your model, as shown in the figure, and click OK.
  3. Using Google’s picker, select a folder where you want to save the model on your Google Drive.
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What files does SketchUp support?

What file types can I import/export with the SketchUp Pro…

  • Your SketchUp Pro subscription comes with professional-level interoperability. …
  • SketchUp Export: SKP, 3DS, DAE, DWG, DXF, FBX, IFC, OBJ, KMZ, STL, WRL, XSI, JPG, PNG, TIF, PDF (Mac Only ), EPS.