How do I delete boundaries in AutoCAD?

Click Modify menu Clip Image. Select the clipped image with the boundary you want to delete. Enter d (Delete). The boundary of the clipped image is deleted, and the original boundary of the image is restored.

How do I turn off boundaries in AutoCAD?

To correct this issue with your Schematic area, you’ll need to close the bounding polyline. Right-click the polyline boundary to open the menu pictured below. Select the Polyline option from the menu , then select Close from the submenu. The bounding polyline will close.

How do I delete unused lines in AutoCAD?

To Unload an Unused Linetype

  1. Click Home tab Properties panel Linetype drop-down list. Find.
  2. In the Linetype drop-down list, click Other.
  3. In the Linetype Manager dialog box, choose the unused linetype, and click Delete.

How do I get rid of the border around an image in AutoCAD?


  1. Type in IMAGEFRAME on the command line, and hit enter.
  2. When prompted to, type in 0 (if the border should be completely removed), or 2 ( if the border should be displayed, but not printed).
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How do you hatch without boundaries?

To Create an Unbounded Hatch

  1. At the Command prompt, enter -HATCH.
  2. Enter p to specify Properties.
  3. Enter the name of the pattern. …
  4. Specify the scale and angle for the hatch pattern.
  5. Enter w to specify Draw Boundary.
  6. Enter n to discard the polyline boundary once the hatch area has been defined.

How do I change the gap tolerance in AutoCAD?

Tucked away in the pull-down tools area of the contextual Hatch Creation tab in the Ribbon is a setting called Gap Tolerance. It does precisely what its name implies, allowing you to hatch open areas up to the tolerance value set. Use the slider or enter a value in your current drawing units.

How do you delete one side of a rectangle in AutoCAD?

For this to work you need AutoCAD 2011 or newer, as it contains some new fancy sub-selection routines for both 2D and 3D. Draw your polyline, rectangle or polygon or whatever. When modifying hold down the CTRL Key (just the segment will highlight) select it and Press the Delete key on the keyboard.

How do you delete everything inside a polyline in AutoCAD?

AutoLISP: Erase Inside Closed Polyline

  1. EICP to start (Erase Inside Closed Polyline)
  2. Select a closed polyline to define the closed area (Only works on polylines)

How do I trim a map in AutoCAD?

At the Command prompt, enter imageclip. Select the image to clip. You can clip one image at a time. Press Enter or type n to create a new clip boundary.

What does overkill command do in AutoCAD?

Removes duplicate or overlapping lines, arcs, and polylines. Also, combines those that are partially overlapping or contiguous.

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How do you remove extra lines in Sketchup?

Select the Eraser tool ( ) or press the E key. Tap the Ctrl key (Microsoft Windows) or the Option key (macOS) to toggle Smooth Edges and then “erase” these lines the same way you would to delete them.

How do you remove a picture frame?

Remove a border from a picture

  1. Select the picture whose border you want to remove.
  2. On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Background group, select Page Borders.
  3. Click the Borders tab.
  4. Under Setting, select None.