How do I rescale a drawing in ArchiCAD?

To set the scale of your drawing, click on the scale indicator at the bottom of the Archicad window and select the desired scale. The software, by default, is set to the residential scale.

How do I resize an object in archicad?

Resize (Enlarge or Reduce) Elements. The Edit > Reshape > Resize command lets you enlarge or reduce selected elements using numeric or graphical input.

How do I scale an image in archicad?

Use the Resize command in Archicad (CMD-K or CTRL-K by default) using the “Define graphically” option. Once you have done that you can go to the Resize dialogue again and see the scale factor that was used. Use the same factor in Photoshop if you want to scale it there.

How do I scale a PDF in archicad?

ArchiCAD Training (Best Practices Lesson 12-3)

If the PDF is not at the proper size, then it can be resized easily using the Edit menu > Reshape > Resize command.

What is the shortcut for 3D view in archicad?

To show the entire model in 3D, regardless of any current selection, use the View > Elements in 3D View > Show All option; or use the same command from the context menu. This command’s shortcut is Ctrl + F5.

How do I open an Autocad file in ArchiCAD?

You can open DXF and DWG format files in ARCHICAD as Drawings or Layouts. Choose File > Open and then select the file you need in the directory dialog box. See details on how to place external drawings at: Place Drawing from External Application.

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