How do you connect objects on Onshape?

How do you connect objects Onshape?

How it works

  1. Tap the Versions and history icon to open the panel:
  2. Tap the information icon next to the Source workspace and tap Merge:

How do you assemble parts on Onshape?

Right-click on the part to move and select Move to new subassembly. A new Assembly appears in the list and a new Assembly tab appears in the document.

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  1. Insert Parts and Assemblies.
  2. Create Mate Connector: Desktop.
  3. Create Mates: Desktop.
  4. Create Relations: Desktop if desired.

How do you make a second on shape?

Creating a part when the Sketch dialog is open

  1. With an existing sketch in the graphics area and the sketch dialog active, click Extrude . Onshape automatically selects all regions (enclosed areas that are shaded gray). …
  2. Make adjustments in the defaults, if desired, including: …
  3. Click the check mark to accept the feature.

How do I merge Onshape branches?

Open the workspace of branch Main so it’s visible in the interface, and open the Versions and history graph as well: Open the Versions and history graph and right-click the workspace of branch B1: Select Merge into current workspace.

How do I uninstall Onshape?

There is no way to remove a version. BUT if you create a copy of a document, it will start back at main again and clear the version data in the new document.

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