How do you make a solid sphere in SketchUp?

Can you make a sphere in SketchUp?

In a nutshell, to create a sphere, you draw a circle on the ground plane and another perpendicular to the first circle with the same radius point. Then you use the Follow Me tool to turn the outline into a sphere by having it follow the original circle on the ground plane.

How do you make a shape solid in SketchUp?

Only groups and components can be solids.

This one’s a biggie. For SketchUp to realize something is a solid, you have to make it into either a group or a component first. Another thing: Solid groups and components can’t have other groups and/or components nested inside them.

What does not a solid mean in Sketchup?

This means you can’t have any internal faces and it can’t have any holes. You can see internal faces if they exist using X-ray face style.

How do you make something hollow in Sketchup?

3. Erase the interior to make your design hollow inside: Click on the black “selection” arrow at the far upper right corner of the menu. Then right click the interior of the circle. Click “Erase.” You should remain with a hollow “o” or “donut-style” shape.

How do you make blocks in Sketchup?

Follow these steps to create a component:

  1. Select the geometry you want to include in your component. …
  2. Choose Edit > Make Component from the menu bar, or context-click the selection and choose Make Component. …
  3. In the Definition box, type a meaningful name for your component.
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What does outer shell do in Sketchup?

The Outer Shell tool ( ) removes geometry inside overlapping groups or components, leaving only the outer faces.