How do you vault the ceiling in chief architect?

How do I vault my ceiling?


  1. Clear the Attic. Clear the attic by removing attic insulation, HVAC vents, lighting, and anything else resting on the ceiling joists.
  2. Demolish the Ceiling Drywall. …
  3. Support the Roof. …
  4. Remove the Joists and Webs. …
  5. Sister the Rafters. …
  6. Install the Collar Ties. …
  7. Build the Perimeter Ceiling. …
  8. Run Wiring and Add Lights.

Can you vault part of a ceiling?

You’ll have to remove the entire roof structure to vault the ceilings. But if it’s framed traditionally with big lumber rafters, the roof can stay in place. … With batt insulation, you have to allow for a 1-inch air space to ventilate the underside of the roof. Spray-foam insulation doesn’t need an air space.

How do you make a drop ceiling in chief architect?

To create a dropped ceiling

  1. Open the plan file in which you need to create a dropped ceiling.
  2. Click the Select Objects button, then click in an empty space inside of the room that you want to assign a dropped ceiling to select it.

What is a stepped ceiling?

A step ceiling is a series of trays, one inside the other, at different planes. There can be one or two or more steps, depending on the size of the home, the height of the ceilings and the amount of your building budget.

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How long does it take to vault a ceiling?

How Much Time Will It Take? For a 20-by-20-foot room, allow at least a month from demolition to the final coat of paint and installation of electrical fixtures. Complications, such as rerouting HVAC ducts, will add to the time it takes to complete the project.

What are the different types of vaulted ceilings?

Among the most common types of vaulted ceilings are arched, barrel, cathedral, domed, groin, and rib, each with its own unique structure.

How do you make a ceiling?

Use the Ceiling tool to create a ceiling in a reflected ceiling plan view.

  1. Open a ceiling plan view.
  2. Click Architecture tab Build panel (Ceiling).
  3. In the Type Selector, select a ceiling type.
  4. Place a ceiling using one of the following methods: Use walls as ceiling boundaries.

What is a shelf ceiling?

Using the Shelf Ceiling Room Structure setting

When you have a small room with a low ceiling height within a larger room with a higher ceiling height you can create a ceiling shelf above the smaller room.