How does collaboratively work in SOLIDWORKS?

By going to Tools > Options > Collaboration, you can access tools such as Get Write Access or Make Read-Only, which are available by right-clicking assembly components in the FeatureManager. It can also show a pop-up message every so often to let you know if a referenced file has been updated.

Can multiple people work on Solidworks at the same time?

The multi-user environment provides read/write access control and tracking for two or more users working with the same files concurrently. Users share a file when they have loaded the same file from the same location.

What is collaborative designer?

Collaborative Designer Overview

Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS® connects SOLIDWORKS Desktop to the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. Designers can securely save SOLIDWORKS design data to the cloud and access it from anywhere with a browser.

How do I share a Solidworks file?

To share a file, right-click and select Share. You can then edit settings for each shared file from the File Sharing tab in both the desktop and the Plenary web client interface. The Share command creates a special link to the files through the Plenary web client. You can copy, email, and password protect this link.

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How to get write access in SOLIDWORKS?

Read/Write Status

Right-click a component in the FeatureManager design tree or in the graphics area and select Make Read-Only or Get Write Access.

What is Sldasm file?

An SLDASM file is a three-dimensional assembly created with SolidWorks CAD software. It typically contains several SolidWorks Part (. SLDPRT) files organized into a single assembly. SLDASM files may also be viewed with Adobe Acrobat 3D or Acrobat Pro 9 or later.

What is the best way to share Solidworks assembly?

To share a file, simply right-click it and select Share.

  1. SOLIDWORKS Manage Share command.
  2. Share Dialog.
  3. Link to Shared File.

What is collaborative designer for Solidworks?

With Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS, you can: Search, access, explore, organize and manage your design data directly from within your SOLIDWORKS application. Work efficiently with a simpler concurrent design experience. Manage your product design data with seamless and integrated product lifecycle management.

What is the collaboration process?

The Collaborative Process is an out-of-court conflict resolution process in which the participants focus their efforts on reaching a mutually acceptable resolution. … Central tenets of the Collaborative Process include: A promise to reach a resolution without court intervention or the threat of court intervention.

Why is collaboration important in design?

Collaborating with such versatile people allows a product or even a screen to be analysed from various angles and be designed to perfection. A balanced team of designers working together allows us to not only perceive strengths of our peers, but also learn from them.

Can you email SOLIDWORKS files?

But you can send files by email directly from SOLIDWORKS. When are you open?: Hello, assembly or drawing in the menu File just choose send to… For parts, the e-mail program opens immediately with the attachment added.

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How does SOLIDWORKS licensing work?

SOLIDWORKS licensing is based on a one-time activation that requires an internet connection. … If a license is no longer needed on a computer, the user must deactivate the license from that computer so that it can be activated on a different device.

Which choice is an example of sketched feature?

Sketched features require the use of a sketch in order to be created, and include features such as Extruded Boss/Cut, Revolved Boss/Cut and many others. Applied features do not require a sketch, and are applied directly to existing geometry. Shell and Fillet features fall into this category.

How do I get write access in SOLIDWORKS 2020?

Click File > Make Read-Only or File > Get Write Access.

What is Toolbox in SOLIDWORKS?

The Toolbox is a collection of several powerful tools built into SolidWorks; it can increase productivity and decrease the time required to complete a design. The Toolbox contains a vast library of standard hardware components that can easily be dropped into a design at any point.

How do I make a SOLIDWORKS file editable read-only?

Go to System Options → Collaboration and click “Enable Multi-user Environment.” Then, enable “Check if files opened read-only have been modified by other users” and choose an appropriate time interval.