Question: Can I Uninstall personal Accelerator for Revit?

If you are using an accelerator with Revit Server and need to remove it, you will need to delete the environment variable since there is not a way natively in Revit to remove it. If you are using the IMAGINiT Clarity addin you can remove it via the Tools dropdown on the IMAGINiT tab, Clarity panel.

Does Revit need accelerator?

If the host is located elsewhere, you should use an accelerator. Even if a user is located at the same site as the host, you should consider configuring Revit to use an accelerator, since they may need to access a model whose host is remote in the future.

What does Revit Accelerator do?

Revit Personal Accelerator (PAC) is a component of Revit designed to optimize performance when working on Cloud Worksharing Revit projects.

What is personal Accelerator for Revit?

Personal Accelerator for Revit is an application which is critical for the performance of the Revit cloud worksharing and cloud models for Revit functionality and serves all versions of Revit (2015-2020) on a single workstation. A Personal Accelerator security fix is part of several product updates.

How do I uninstall all programs in Revit?

Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Delete], Click Task Manager, On the Processes tab of the Task Manager, select the process for the anti-virus program and then click End Process.

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Can I remove Autodesk genuine service?

You can now uninstall the Autodesk Genuine Service. Open the Windows Start menu, type Uninstall in the search box, and select the Add or remove programs entry that appears at the top of the list. … Click Uninstall, then follow the prompts to uninstall the Autodesk Genuine Service.

What is a Revit server?

Revit Server is the server application for Autodesk Revit. It is the foundation for server-based worksharing for Revit projects. A workshared project is a Revit building model that multiple team members can access and modify at the same time. … Together, these instances of Revit Server make up the Revit Server network.

How do I setup a Revit Server?


  1. Install Revit Server Prerequisites.
  2. Revit Server Installation.
  3. Create Master RSN. ini File.
  4. Save Revit Files to Revit Server (Optional).
  5. Post Installation testing (Optional).

How do I completely uninstall Revit 2021?

Control Panel > Programs and Features > Uninstall the specific Revit 2021 product.

  1. Remove the 2021 Material Library from the Windows Control Panel: …
  2. Use Windows Explorer to locate and delete the following folders as appropriate: …
  3. Open the system registry (Windows Start menu > Run > Regedit).

How do I completely uninstall Revit 2020?

Log on as a Local System Administrator, and disable anti-virus software. Using the Uninstall tool, remove Autodesk Revit 2020 and its sub-components.

  1. Windows 10: Right-click Start, and select Run. …
  2. Windows 8: Right-click Start screen All apps Run Regedit.
  3. Windows 7: Click the Windows Start menu Run Regedit.

How do I completely uninstall Revit 2018?

Alternative Uninstall Instructions

  1. Back up any custom Revit family files or template files.
  2. Log on as a Local System Administrator, and disable anti-virus software.
  3. Using the Uninstall tool, remove Autodesk Revit 2018 and its sub-components.
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