Quick Answer: What is Solidworks PDM standard?

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is a data management solution for smaller workgroup environments in a single location. Included in SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium packages, SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard eliminates the overhead of managing SOLIDWORKS and DraftSight data on local and shared network drives.

What is the difference between Solidworks PDM Standard and Professional?

Because of the extended functionality, SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional carries a higher cost than SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard. This applies to both the configuration and licensing. However, the scope for automation, bespoke tasks and things like replication (multi-site setup) make it a much more functional product.

What is PDM standard?

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is the ideal data management application for smaller single-site SOLIDWORKS customers with an easy-to- use solution that can be easily upgraded to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional when needs change. SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard utilizes Microsoft® SQL Server Express. Buy now.

What is Solidworks PDM system?

SOLIDWORKS PDM is an advanced Product Data Management system that assists with design, file, and document management for product design teams. There are three SOLIDWORKS PDM packages available: Standard, Professional, and Manage.

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What is Solidworks PDM standard CAD editor?

SOLIDWORKS® PDM Professional CAD Editor is a Windows-based client for engineers and designers who work with SOLIDWORKS® and other popular design tools. It provides application-specific integrations to manage the complex file relationships and file properties.

Is Solidworks PDM free?

Perfect for small teams, SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is included with every license of SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium on subscription. This simple tool helps teams with data security, revision control, and reusing design data easily.

Is PDM included in solidworks premium?

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium, and is available as a separately purchased license for non-SOLIDWORKS users. It offers standard data management capabilities for a small number of users.

What database does Solidworks PDM use?

SOLIDWORKS PDM uses a Microsoft SQL Server database to manage file vaults. This table lists the database systems, server components, and client options available for each product type.

How do I access PDM in Solidworks?

The View Setup is found by going to the Start Menu > SOLIDWORKS PDM > View Setup.

  1. SOLIDWORKS PDM View Setup. Screen 1: Welcome. …
  2. Welcome dialog. Screen 2: Select Servers. …
  3. Select Servers. …
  4. Connected Server. …
  5. Select Vaults. …
  6. Select Location. …
  7. Finish Process.
  8. SOLIDWORKS PDM view setup complete.

How do I open a PDM file in Solidworks?


  1. In SOLIDWORKS, click Open (Standard toolbar) or File > Open.
  2. In the SOLIDWORKS Open dialog box, select a file type in Files of type.
  3. Select My Workgroup PDM Documents or Workgroup PDM Vault in the locations sidebar.
  4. Select options as described below, then click Open or Check Out.
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What is the difference between PDM and PLM?

While PDM focuses on managing design data as it relates to product development processes, PLM centers on reengineering product development and manufacturing processes as they relate to product lifecycles.

Is Solidworks PDM cloud based?

Your SOLIDWORKS PDM will be hosted via a private cloud. IT services included. You will have unprecedented access for your team and worry-free management.

What is a PDM server?

PDM stands for Product Data Management. PDM is a secure data vault for all your CAD and design process information. A fully configurable environment, SOLIDWORKS PDM enables your teams to securely store design files and related data for fast retrieval.

What is Solidworks PDM vault?

SOLIDWORKS PDM vaults store the files and information about items and files (metadata) managed by SOLIDWORKS PDM. The vault view is connected to: The archive server, which stores the physical files in a vault archive. The vault database, which stores information about files, items, and activities in the vault.

What is a PDM client?

A SOLIDWORKS PDM Client is the software installed on a computer that will allow access to the vault. After the client software is installed, you can create a local vault view to connect and access documents located in the vault.

What is Solidworks PDM viewer?

The SOLIDWORKS PDM File Viewer displays document previews in a separate standalone window. The SOLIDWORKS PDM File Viewer includes the same preview features as the Preview tab in File Explorer, using the appropriate viewer for the selected file type. … You can also use the SOLIDWORKS PDM File Viewer to view vault files.

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