What is a distance mate in SolidWorks?

What is distance mate in SolidWorks?

Enter a distance value in the Distance box in the Mate PropertyManager. … The default value is the current distance between the selected entities.

How do you make a distance mate in SolidWorks?


  1. Go to the assembly command tab and select the mate command.
  2. Expand the advanced mates group-box and select angle/distance limit mate.
  3. Select the two planes/faces/edges for mating.
  4. Select starting position.
  5. Select maximum distance/angle and minimum distance/angle.

What does mate do in SolidWorks?

Mates create geometric relationships between assembly components. As you add mates, you define the allowable directions of linear or rotational motion of the components. You can move a component within its degrees of freedom, visualizing the assembly’s behavior.

How do you mate angles in SolidWorks?

Click Mate (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Mate. In the Mate PropertyManager, for Entities to Mate , select two entities in the graphics area or the flyout FeatureManager design tree. Under Standard Mates, click Angle and set the dimension.

How do you make mechanical mates in SolidWorks?

In SOLIDWORKS, creating this mate is done by simply selecting the closed loop of tangent faces that define the cam and the face or point on the follower that will be in contact with the cam.

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What are the different mates in Solidworks?

Standard mates include angle, coincident, concentric, distance, lock, parallel, perpendicular, and tangent mates. Advanced mates include limit, linear/linear coupler, path, profile center, symmetry, and width mates.

What is a mate in CAD?

The Mate type specifies the movement behavior. Mates: Android. Mates in Onshape are different than mates in traditional CAD systems. There is only one Onshape Mate between any two instances, and the movement (degrees of freedom) between those two instances is embedded in the Mate.