What is WC in a House plan?

What does WC stand for on a floor plan?

wc. water closet (toilet)

What does WC stand for in a house?

Definition of water closet

1 : a compartment or room with a toilet Confronted with the cramped confines of a bathroom in a typical starter home—one of those spaces aptly described by the term water closet—homeowners may well entertain grand plans for expansion.—

What is WC in apartment?

Water closet, which i believe French borrowed from English. W.C. means toilet.

Is WC a toilet?

A toilet is sometimes referred to as a WC, especially on signs or in advertisements for houses, flats, or hotels. WC is an abbreviation for ‘water closet’.

What does PL mean on a drawing?

bill of materials. Also called a list of materials (LM or L/M). Overlaps a lot in concept with a parts list (PL or P/L).

What is the difference between WC and bathroom?

In British English, “bathroom” is a common term but is typically reserved for private rooms primarily used for bathing; a room without a bathtub or shower is more often known as a “WC”, an abbreviation for water closet, “lavatory”, or “loo”. Other terms are also used, some as part of a regional dialect.

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What is aw c bathroom?

abbreviation for water closet: a toilet, or a room containing a toilet: The wooden staircase leads to three bedrooms, the bathroom, and a separate WC.

What is the difference between a water closet and a lavatory?

For specific items, technically, a lavatory is a small sink installed near a water closet for primarily hand washing. A water closet is a toilet. The room where a lavatory or water closet is located is called a number of different things including lavatory or toilet.

Do you need a water closet?

A water closet is another bathroom feature that is popular among some homeowners — but it’s considered unnecessary by others.

What size is a water closet?

Water closet minimums are 30″ wide by 60″ long. That is indeed the code required minimum. In a 30″ wide closet, the toilet needs to be centered as code also requires a minimum of 15″ from the toilet CL to each adjacent wall. Wider, even 6″ more or 36″ wide, would afford more elbow room.

What country says water closet?

W.C stands for water closet, which is a part of ealier types of toilets. This word was introduced to China about 150 years ago, but has been replaced by toilet in some English speaking country.