You asked: How do I fill an area in SketchUp?

How do you make a shape solid in SketchUp?

Only groups and components can be solids.

This one’s a biggie. For SketchUp to realize something is a solid, you have to make it into either a group or a component first. Another thing: Solid groups and components can’t have other groups and/or components nested inside them.

How do you color in SketchUp?

Scroll through the list of colors and click a color to make it the active color.

  1. At the top of the Colors panel, select the Color Palettes tab.
  2. From the drop-down list at the top, select a palette. …
  3. From the list of colors that appears, select a color to make it the active color.

Which tool with you use to fill the shape with Colour?

the paint bucket is used to fill an area with single specific color or hue.

What is Paint Bucket tool in Sketchup?

The Paint Bucket tool allows you to select a color or texture and apply it to a model face. The Paint Bucket tool is used for three primary tasks when modeling and rendering: Replacing a solid color or texture with a downloaded texture image from your Texture Library. Scaling the texture image and resolution.

How do you make something hollow in Sketchup?

Erase the interior to make your design hollow inside: Click on the black “selection” arrow at the far upper right corner of the menu. Then right click the interior of the circle. Click “Erase.” You should remain with a hollow “o” or “donut-style” shape.

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How do you fill color in SketchUp?

Filling a shape with a color

  1. With the Select tool ( ), select the shape in the drawing area.
  2. Open the Shape Style panel by clicking its title bar. …
  3. Click the Fill option, which becomes highlighted, as shown in the following figure. …
  4. Click the color well next to the Fill option.

How do I edit texture in SketchUp?

When you’re ready to edit a material, follow these steps:

  1. On the Textures Palette tab (the brick icon), open your Colors In Model collection.
  2. Select the material you want to edit.
  3. From the Color drop-down list, select Edit. …
  4. On the Edit Material panel that appears, as shown in the figure, choose your desired edits.